Our Background

Our Believes
We encourage all our members and others
attending our meeting to be born again. We believe in the baptism of the Holy Ghost Partaking of the Holy Communion.

Our Accomplishments thus far
In May 2009 we started with our food parcel
program, getting food and other consumables from
Pick and pay who are still assisting us to this day. We cook and give warm meals to the children that attend our Sunday School every Sunday.
We collect and distribute clothes to those in need and help buy consumable where we can.

God has grant us grace to

Pray for the unemployed and get jobs
Pray for the crippled and get delivered
Pray for the sick and get healed
Give prophetic directions.
Cancel numerous medical operation by the power of prayer

Cast out all sorts of demons the bound are freed and the slaves are liberated We get amazing testimonies daily